Friday, July 11, 2014

Florida Gun Classifieds - Used Guns For Sale

Florida Gun Classifieds - used guns for sale

Florida Gun Classifieds officially launched its New/Used Gun classified listing website in May, by having a two Gun Giveaway Contest, where one lucky winner will win a Springfield XDS .45 ACP and personalized firearm training and a second place winner will win a Rossi Rifle/Shotgun Combo.  This Gun Giveaway Contest by Florida Gun Classifieds is a way of saying Thanks to everyone who helped promote and grow the site. 

Florida Gun Classifieds was created to allow firearm enthusiasts a user friendly classifieds listing webpage to buy used guns and sell used guns easily and efficiently. Every other firearms classified listing site available in Florida to buy and sell used guns is absolutely horrible. The experience on those sites is less than average, so I created a Florida Gun Classifieds, a 5 star site that gave users exactly what they want. Easy access to a whole state full of individuals buying and selling used guns. Florida Gun Classifieds was designed with the user in mind, making it as easy and quick as possible to post your gun for sale, and also search for the used gun you are looking for. Every Ad posted has a Map location to show the other users an approximate location where the Ad was posted. This feature alone helps determine weather or not to contact the seller and arrange a meeting. 

While creating Florida Gun Classifieds I also created Sell Guns For Cash which allows users to instantly sell their firearm to us, a licensed FFL. This is an alternative to posting their gun on Florida Gun Classifieds and waiting for someone to contact them. Sell Guns For Cash collects all the information on the firearm including pictures, and sends them directly to an expert firearms appraiser who will give the user a CASH PRICE for there firearm, payable the same day. If the seller agrees, we will overnight a shipping container, the seller mails us the firearm, and if the firearm is the same as in the original submission, they will get either a direct deposit (same day) for the amount discussed or a cashiers check mailed to them. This eliminates the risk factor of selling a firearm to an unknown individual, because you never know the intentions of the other party or where that firearm will end up. 

All sales of New or Used firearms that are conducted through our Federal Firearms License must be legally logged into and out of our acquisition and disposition book per ATF guidelines, and once a sale is completed, a background check is performed on every buyer before releasing the firearm.

There is also a Blog on Florida Gun Classifieds that is written by myself and well respected individuals throughout the firearms community. I personally try to write a piece at least once a week and discuss topics that are relevant to the gun owner and community. 

There is important page that will be further expanded upon in the near future outlines Florida's Gun Laws to educate the user on the current legal matters pertaining to Gun Ownership and Concealed Carry in Florida.

The future of the site is exiting. We plan on implementing a "Build your own custom Firearms Trust" which will allow individuals the ability apply easily for Class III Firearms and Suppressors. Similar Trusts go for upwards of $500 from an individual attorney, and the majority of the time do not meet ATF guidelines for NFA trusts, naming a successor and which individuals have the right to use the firearm are usually not included in a regular revocable trust, which can cause a legal nightmare for Class III owners. will streamline the trust creation process and allow anyone to create their own firearms trust at a fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney who will just copy and paste existing trust documents and change the name. 

Florida Gun Classifieds has acquired the following domain names and will build out sites for each of the following:

Florida Gun Classifieds is looking forward to providing a wide array of services to the great and patriotic firearm owners of Florida for years to come.